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Welcome to my blog, a place for me to share my passion with you about my love for guitar that circles around more than the wood of the instrument and the chime of every strum. I love guitar effects pedals and amps just as dearly. I love to follow the industry and find out as early as possible what companies like Fender are going to release. I enjoy talking about tone and never ending pursuit of and chase for the ultimate guitar tone. I’m not a professional musician, I’m not even a gigging musician, I just love guitar and want to share my passion with you as a hobbyist. I follow my local builders closely and will continue to shine the spotlight on lesser known companies you may not have heard of.


This is TONE, one of the greatest performances and experiences of in my opinion, I love this song and his playing is infectious! R.I.P. Stevie, God Bless, Texas!

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Gear, Tone, & Effects

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